Latest website developments

I am planning to change the galleries section for a number of reason which will improve the user experience and will help me with the maintainance and to add new stuff easily.

 At the moment there are two galleries, the FDC and the stamps gallery, and they separate to each other which sounded like a good idea at the time but in reality it wasn't. It meant that a user must create two accounts, one for each gallery and it meant the material in each gallery could not be shared across with the other.

So the first change is to create a single gallery which would house all the different  galleries of the site, the user would create one account which gives them access to the relevant gallery according to their subscription.

The galleries would be:

Iraq Stamps, Iraq FDCs, Iraq Money, Iraq Stamps Errors, Iraq Philatelic Material.

The gallery software would also be upgraded to the latest version.

I intend to spend more time rechecking the stamps gallery because I know there might be some unfinished area lacking SG numbers or some sets incomplete.

A better search facility, you should be able to search by SG number as well, am thinking of using other catalogues too, Scott for example but I don't have a Scott catalogue so that maybe put on ice for the time being unless I can convince someone to donate one (an old one would do as I am just interested in the catalogue numbers).

The core galleries would be subscription based, I hate to do this but I spend a lot of time and effort scanning and entering information and paying for the website server.

I am planning other exciting things for the website, for example a proper shop area, an area for people to sell their related items and an area for people to swap their stamps etc.

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